I am NOT a tourist …

Like many travellers I have the passion for photography: my shots help me to frame situations, remember landscapes and moments of life better than a notebook or a travel journal. These are the most precious souvenirs I bring back from my Adventures. Photography compel me to dwell and document what I see with respectful detachment and careful eyes. Short-focal lenses force me to get closer and mingle with people I meet: diving into the reality of the Countries I visit.

Pack light, carry bare comforts and few items in your bag: when you sleep in small family-run guesthouses and eat in local restaurants or food-stalls in the street you get the real taste of the Country you visit.  Giving up on comforts is rewarded by unforgettable encounters and vivid segments of real life that the BEST memories are made of.

I’d rather miss a visit to a UNESCO Pagoda or a touristic site, to spend more time enjoying a chai tea down a busy street, playing DOMINO with a stranger on a straw mat or mingle quietly among devotees of an anonymous temple dawn.

In this blog I write about what I see but mostly HOW I love to travel. My photos do not look like postcards. Thus the images of wonderful sites, breathtaking scenery, spectacular sunsets, can be easily found on Google. People I meet awever, they belong to my heart only.

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