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As many travelers have a passion for photography: the photos taken on-the-go help me frame situations, remember bits of lives and faces I meet more than a notebook.. These are the most valuable souvenires I bring back from my trips. Photography make me focus and document what I see with respectful and detached eye. Using short focal length lenses push me to get closer to the subjects, to mingle among people I encounter and to get involved in the realities of the countries I visit.


Out of your confort zone you find the most amazing surprises. Let go of your conforts then, pack light and be flexible to all possibilities. Take local buses, sleep in family-run guest house or eat in the street takeaways and you can really taste the country you visit. All the disconfort is rewarded by vivid encounters and real-life memorable memories. I don’t induce in over-rated and crowded turistic sites listed in the guide books. I’d rather spend my time drinking a chai in a street, or sitting on a mat playing DOMINO with a stranger , or mingle among the crowds in an anonimus temples.

In this blog I tell you what I see, and especially how I love to travel. My photos do not look like postcards. The wonderful sites, stunning scenery, if you wish, you may scroll down from Google. But if you are curious to learn about the real world, you can follow my journeys.

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